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A Prophetic Word

“Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good…” 1Thessalonians 5:19-21

I think of the whole area of prophecy as being more like art than science. It is messy and difficult because people are involved that still have a sin nature, past wounds, and opinions of their own. “What is truly a word from God and what is just me?” This can be a difficult question to answer when we feel God might be speaking to us directly, or through others. Paul gives us three truths about prophecy in the text quoted above:

  1. God does still speak today, so be careful not to quench the Spirit when He is speaking.
  2. Just because this is true does not mean that everything said in the name of God is necessarily from God.
  3. Examine every supposed prophecy, not as a cynic, but to find what is good (what God is saying).

Years ago I preached a message on Contending for More of God’s Presence. Afterwards someone anonymously left me a prophetic word they had received and written down before the preaching. The note left with it only said that they thought the word, “might be for the church from our Lord.” I felt a real witness in my heart when reading it, so I submit it to you for consideration and prayer.

“I am looking for a people to pick themselves up, shake themselves, and stir themselves; a people who are passionate, sensitive to My Spirit, and powerful in the realm of My Spirit. I am looking for a generation, a people who will be different, who will be strong, powerful and creative and intense in their knowledge of the Holy and with a genuine persistence for My presence. I want My people to launch out into the deep, into a depth of greater proportion… for I am their portion, and I have much more to impart to My people as they will ready themselves for a greater outpouring of My Spirit. I am calling for the church, My body, to anticipate My agenda and allow My Spirit to do a greater work in and outside any mandated boundaries, and I will show forth the works of My Father as My word promises. So open your hearts and your lives to a freshness of My presence, break down barriers, and expect to be embraced by My presence because as you submit unto Me, I come.”


Pastor at City Church in Madison, Wisconsin