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The Main Character

“So Joseph’s master took him and put him into jail. But the Lord was with Joseph.” Genesis 39:20-21

“The Horse Whisperer” is a movie about a guy who can train horses that have been wild, spooked, or abused in their past. His method does not require violence or yelling, but only the power of a gentle whisper. Over time, the horses begin to trust his gentle ways so they will do what he asks until they are eventually fully trained for any one to ride.

Robert Redford is not only the director of the movie, he’s the main character. In the story of Joseph, God isn’t just the One who sovereignly directs events in Joseph’s life from above, He is with Joseph in the prison. God, the Divine director, has cast Himself as the main character, not just in Joseph’s life, but in ours as well.

The problem with human beings is that we often want to be the star of our own story. God is fine as long as He is helping us look good, but we still want to be the center. Through the gospel the Father has cast His own Son, Jesus, as the star of the human race. You and I can’t reinvent the story, but we are invited to join it.

Jesus is the “sinner” whisperer. Darkness has broken us, abused us, and spooked us, yet He has continued to love us. He draws us to the Father with great gentleness and whispers to our spirits in His still small voice. Our healing doesn’t come all at once, but He is patient. The more grace changes us the less people see of our brokenness and the more they see that the Healer has touched us. The Father wants to make Jesus the main character of their story as well.