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What’s Your Assignment?

“I have brought You glory on earth by completing the work You gave Me to do.” John 17:4

The Message brings out the truth that our “work” is simply the assignment God has given us. The way we bring glory to God on this earth is by working on the assignment He’s given us to do. When my daughter was in high school it was amazing how many different things she could occupy herself with instead of the homework that was assigned by her teacher.  I think we are often the same way in life.

God has assigned us to be His witnesses wherever we are. Not to “do” witnessing, but to “be” witnesses. He tells us that before this can happen we must be filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8), so part of our assignment is cultivating a relationship where we stay filled with Him. Being His witness is going to look different in different spheres, but it always involves bringing a sense of God’s presence, love, and beauty to whatever setting we are in.

There is a fresh anointing of the Spirit for every new assignment God might ask of you. Sometimes it’s a new person He wants you to love, sometimes it’s a new stage of life He wants you to embrace, and sometimes it’s a new job or responsibility He’s given you to do. Let’s not waste our time feeling sorry for ourselves or worrying about future scenarios that may never happen. Let’s be about the work He’s given us to do, in the strength He has supplied, so He is glorified. We don’t ever have to out-produce or impress anyone else. It’s enough that we work on our assignment.